Ain't No Easy Way

Hangar Rockin 2k11

[ Hangar Rockin | St. Stephan | 2-3.07.2011]

It was our first time at the Hangar… and a big one !

The road to St. Stephan is really beautiful, through Bulle-Charmey-Jaun-Zweisimmen. The alps in summer offer some amazing landscapes to discover on two-wheels. Even St. Stephan, which is trapped in the valley with glaciers at the end of it.

The parking is divided in two : vehicles until ’68 and scooters (mostly Vespa), vehicles until ’60 and scooters until ’68. But you can find also some nice pieces along the public parking ! The camera burned the whole afternoon and the battery suffered severely ! Only but eye-candy bikes, from the most radical to true oldies. Cars were well represented too, with hot rods, rat rods, leadsleds, muscles and classics.

Then time for races : A mano a mano on a 1/8 mile track ! Cars, motorcycles and vespa dueled on the runway. While pinstriping artists and merchandising were the attractions at the village.

Saturday’s evening offered great live shows. Especially Voola and the Jayhawks, playing an hypnotizing voodoo rythm’n’blues. JD McPherson and his band gave a nice rock’n’roll gig too afterwards !

While going back home on sunday morning, modern cars just look so boring !

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