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Waiting Here

[Royal Enfield 500]

Met this oldie in the neighborhood, rusting alone. Waiting for its time…

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Here & Now

[HS 36 | S-B-M]

Dead bodies. Hits. Jumps. Combos. Copings.


The Wolfpack

[First Friday Run | F-M]

Weather was perfect, then more people came to the second run and we were probably more than 100. Unfortunately, the run coincided with the carnival’s day in the city. It was a really pain to get out of the heavy traffic until Lutry, where the pack were split in two parts. We waited the others at Saint-Saphorin and then took the road to Forel, via Chexbres. The column was impressive, in particular while in the long lines ! We then took Lausanne’s backcountry little roads (Mézières, Le Mont, Cheseaux) and finally got near we arrived last time. Bad time though, cuz a hit between a safety bike and a car happened less than a kilometer to the goal.  Dunno how it happened since I was at the back but a guy from other club jumped at the car driver, while few others tried to stop him. Hopefully no one’s been hurt, too much…

Note to myself for the next time : don’t forget to formatte my camera’s memory card when its full before going to the run…

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80’s Are Back Forever

[HS 36 | B]

It was time to get out the old skateboard from the closet. A true Cougar Pro with its bag. Priceless !

First Friday Run!

[HAMC Riviera’s club | Flon, Lausanne]

2nd FF’s run of 2k11 !

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Out in the Cold

[Jura Run | M]

Ain’t no better way to start the month with a run through one Jura’s valley, La Sagne, trapped between Le Locle and Neuchâtel, after the famous Val de Travers. Even if it’s already May, it was a bit cold in the morning… The way back went through some really beautiful places, mostly the path between Saint-Imier and Dombresson. And then you find so many long straight lines where you can speed up… a wonderful one !

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